Emissions, retrofits, new vessel designs, energy efficicency - exciting challenges are part of the daily work of the Maersk Maritime Technology professionals.

A challenge for the industry

MMT helps to ensure that suitable ballast water treatment systems are selected. Failing to do so could ban ships from important trading areas.

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A cold shower for SOx emissions

Could scrubbers be a way to lower SOx in the exhaust gas? Read more about the first test installation on Maersk Tukang.

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"Nose job" for better efficiency

Can one simply cut off the bulbous bow of a ship and put another one on? Yes, one can - and at the same time save up to 20% fuel. Read more about one of Maersks most drastic conversion projects.

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NOx rules

The topic of nitrogen oxide air pollutants (NOx) has given rise to heated debates on the international scene. Although the deadline to bring down these emissions has been delayed, a reduction of 80% will be compulsory at some point. Read more about MMT’s work in this area.

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Two steps closer to the optimal voyage

We always strive to perform the optimal and most fuel efficient voyage taking wind, weather and current into consideration. Now MMT has enhanced the existing performance systems with two new tools.

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A costly piece of regulation: SOx

SOx emission rules rules are one of the biggest, and most costly, regulatory challenge Maersk is facing. Read more about these regulations, related compliance issues and possible solutions here.

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Triple-E vessels

The Triple-E became the largest ship in the world at the time when the first vessels were delivered. Read more on how MMT contributed to this extraordinary project, and if the vessels actually have proven to be fuel efficient.

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Greenhouse gas

Reduction of CO2 by 60% before 2020 is the new Maersk Group's ambition regarding vessel emissions. Read how MMT contributes to solving this challenge.

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Small changes - big savings

New vessels may be the winners in the battle for efficiency, but they usually come with a high cost. With a successful retrofit, there is way to close the efficiency gap between new and older tonnage. Maersk Tankers had proved it by adding nine different technologies on a vessel and achieving 10% in fuel savings.

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