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Green Recycling 

Responsible Ship Recycling
Our objective is to improve the environmental legacy of the ship recycling industry and act as a good corporate citizen. We have committed ourselves to conduct, develop and integrate responsible ship recycling policies, strategies and operations to deal with environmental concerns and social responsibilities.

A large part of the world shipping industry still uses once pristine tidal beaches in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan as a junk yard. Between 60% and 80% of the world’s out-of-service vessels are sailed on shore, where soft sands cannot support crucial safety measures and allow pollution to seep directly into the delicate coastal zone environment, ruining the natural environment and causing harm to the people and animals living in it. Depending on steel prices, ship scrapping offers a powerful financial incentive to break up vessels as it lends a potential for profit, whereas responsible recycling most often come with a price for the ship-owner.

Protecting the environment of our people
We have selected the ISO14001 and OHSMS 18001 certified yard in China to recycle vessels, which lives up to stringent international standards for safety and  environment, preventing unnecessary loss of life and damage to the environment whilst maintaining a profit for older ships.

Besides raising the bar on environmental and human safety issues within the industry, we actively participate in the legislation process and promote green ship recycling options for the maritime industry, working towards a worldwide level playing field on green ship recycling. Green organisations are lauding Maersk for being ahead of the rest of the industry.

Future and Further Development
To date we have successfully without a single injury or spill recycled ships in China. In 2009, with increased interest from third parties, 20 ships were recycled in a safe and environmentally sound manner. We remain involved in work of European Commission DG Environment, International Labour Organisation (ILO), International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Basel Convention and local governments, and will continue investing in green ship recycling and stay true to our environmental policies – now and in the future.

Maersk Ship Recycling
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Our Customers include:

“We applaud Maersk for showing leadership and taking a stance against the dangerous
and polluting practice of breaking ships on
tidal beaches,”
Ingvild Jenssen from the NGO Platform
on Shipbreaking.

Policy and articles:

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